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Allowing investors to invest in our successful track record.

Ramar Capital works with investors to deliver attractive, risk managed returns. Our goal is to improve the South Jersey real estate landscape with our knowledge, expertise and design thinking. We also provide seller financing to give our buyers higher purchasing power.

Invest in our successs

Discover the best investments

We find value-add property investment and development opportunities.

Structure favorable deals

We arrange effective investment structures and combine suitable debt and equity funding to complete each individual project. From

Execute on our business plan

We carefully plan and execute by coordinating and managing consultants, construction companies and other parties to deliver on the investment strategy.

Return on investment

Our business targets attractive risk-managed returns for our passive investment partners and our private clients.


Reasons why we succeed

Experienced Management


Ramar works with property investors to make the most of their existing assets and discover new opportunities. We bring unparalleled experience and vision to the process, maximizing each real estate opportunity at every stage for every client. We’ve purchased over 250 properties to date.

In-depth market knowledge


Ramar's razor-sharp focus gives us in-depth market knowledge, which is essential for our success. We take the time to build a precise level of understanding of our niche market, which is integral to our long-term success. Having mastered our market, we can move on deals quickly and with certainty. Once learning a market, we can move on to new neighborhoods using the same in-depth approach. Our business model is scalable, allowing us to acquire new markets as we grow.

Data driven acquisition approach


Our leadership team's background in technology has equipped our firm with knowledge and skillsets to develop preparatory data models that predict and analyze new opportunities that arise in our niche markets. We can dissect new deals that come across our desk within seconds to see if its a fit for our portfolio and business plan, giving us a competitive advantage

Proven trackrecord


When it comes to buying, renovating, and creating value for our buyers and partners, Ramar has a proven track record. We consistently generate above-average returns for our investors and simultaneously deliver well designed a home for our buyers.

Throughout the firm's life span, we have acquired and sold over 250+ properties.

Our trusted network

We’re proud to collaborate with some of the best in the industry to achieve our goals.

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